Friday, September 17, 2010

Living In The Present

Very good weather in KL today.

Working half day at the office today.
Will be going for Salsa dance class today for replacement as my friend will not be in town for 3 weeks as she would be attending my niece's wedding in UK next week.

Yeah, there are BBQ invitation by my sist's friend to night.
I might be going.

Living In The Present

Very heavy rain in KL today. The traffics are not so smooth.

There are two Auditors in my office since two days ago. 
Both are very hardworking ladies. They are checking the account figures thoroughly.
They are working like no the people's business. Hehe.During lunch time they
stop and continue again until 5pm.

My simple plan today, will just go for a reflexology massage. I had made the appointment with my masseur yesterday. He is very professional. All the way from Indonesia. Had referred my friends to him and they like to go back to him every now  and then regardless of whether they are men or women. I used to go for a massage every once a week due to my frequent stiff neck and headache. Sometimes feeling numbness on my left  hand and leg. After two months all the symptoms dissappeared. Now I only go for massage every once a month. Thanks to my efficient reflexology masseur.

Cant wait to enjoy my reflexology massage...